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Things have been a bit crazy here and not all of it in a good way. First an update on Snoopie. We fell in love with her and she, for the most part, wouldn’t leave our compound. Tom (our night guard) informed us that the owners didn't want her anymore and had sent orders to Kenneth (the guy on Toms compound that takes care of the dogs) to kill her and a few others. We went over to the compound and asked Kenneth if we could have her so that she wouldn’t be killed. We purchased a chain and kept her on our back porch. We made plans to take her home and we contacted the USPCA and purchased her vaccines, and deworming meds. She learned to walk on a leash, sit, wait to eat her food, and was doing quite well. She followed us everywhere and we looked forward to playing with her every afternoon when we came home from work. Stephanies husband came to visit and he brought a crate with him so that we could transport her home on the plane when we left in December. On the Tuesday while Nick was here, we let her off the leash for short call. She was gone for about five minutes and then came back. We let her in the house to eat and play for a bit and then we put her out on the leash for the night. When we awoke the next morning she was missing and there was vomit and diarrhea all over the porch and ground. I went searching for her and found her dead curled behind a bush.

We later found out that Kenneth, after telling us she would be safe if we took her, saw her while she was out on her short call and fed her poison. We have no clue why he did it. He didn't give a reason and didn't really seem to care that we were upset. Most people don’t understand why we care because here most people don't get emotionally attached to their dogs. Stephanie and I were too upset so Nick and Tom dug the whole and buried her. Thankfully, Nick was here to help us out because we were angry and in no condition to handle the situation on our own.

We found out that he also had poisoned our guard dog Foxie on another occasion, but luckily for Foxie it didnt kill him. Because he didn’t die, Kenneth beat him with a stick, threw a rock at him and broke his leg. It is starting to heal but he still has a pretty good limp. I don’t understand how people can be so cruel. Those who know me well, know how much I love animals. It has been extremely hard for me to see the way these dogs are treated. It has made me want to leave so that I don’t have to see another dog suffer and has tainted my time here in Uganda. They have also killed three other dogs on the compound. Monty and Foxie are the only ones left and both are scheduled to die as soon as they find a “good guard dog” to take their places. Monty comes up to us and loves attention but he cowers if anyone else comes near for fear of being beaten. Foxie still won’t let us touch him though he does wag his tail and follow us when we come home from work. It breaks my heart to know how they have been treated and that they too will be killed in the near future.

Monty and Stephanie
Foxie, Snoopie and Monty
Snoopie and Stephanie
Snoopie Stephanie and Me

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WOW, What can you say to that!! How sad that is!! I am sorry you had to experience that and that it has tainted you memeories.

by pebblepro

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