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A few weeks ago we travelled to Kenya. We took the Akamba bus to Eldoret, picked up Amy and then traveled to Nairobi. The ride took forever, and I am pretty sure I suffered a minor case of whiplash from the condition of the roads. From Nairobi we were picked up by our tour guide Edwin from Azure Safari's (highly reccomended) and went to Masai Mara for Safari. It might have been a bit pricey but the money was well spent. The trip was amazing. On our way to Masai Mara we saw girrafs, and zebras. We stopped along the way to look out over the rift valley. The sight was amazing and words and photos will never do it justice. As we entered the Masai peoples territory we started to see the characteristic red clothing. They are herders and travel much of the land with their goats and cattle. If you looked along the terrain into a heard of cattle you could almost always see a person wearing red carrying a spear or stick. Some of the Masai men and women wore the traditional beading on their heads, in their ears and around their necks. Once you pass the Masai people territory you enter into the game reserve.

It had been a long journey so Edwin and Titus first took us to our "Tented Camp" called Sarova Mara Game Camp. I had never been in a tented camp before but I was prepared to sleep on cots and swat at bugs during the nights. I was in for a suprise. Our "tent" included a four poster bed, hard wood floors, twin marble sinks, two desks, a walk in LARGE shower and bathroom. It was pure luxury compared to the house where I currently live in Mbale. It was amazing. On top of that the food was also very good. Granted, my standards for food have definitely gone down in the last 3 months, but for buffet style food it was quite good with many options.

We went on three safari drives during the next few days. We saw giraffs, elephants, buffalos, crocodile, lions, zebras, baboons, cheetas, meer cats, wart hogs, kobs, hyenas, wildabeasts, impalas , hippos and more. Not only did we see them, but we saw them at a distance so close that I could have reached out of the van and touched them if it wouldnt have meant potentially getting an arm knawled off. We even had to stop so that the elephants and their babies could cross the road in front of us. It was an experience I will never forget. I took over 800 photos while I was there. The landscapes were just as amazing as the animals. The acacia trees were beautiful, especially when set in the background of the masai. I could go on and on but I could never describe with accuracy what I saw. All I can say is that everyone should go at some point in their lifetime. So Brian get used to the idea of a safari because I am taking you at some point!

I was also amazed at how much Nairobi reminds me of D.C. I had heard things about the crime and robberies. All in all I thought it was a very nice city. There were tons of options for food which was great because I eat local or Indian food in mbale every day. The market in Nairobi was also exciting except for the fact that you couldn't look at any item without the seller following you around and trying to convince you to buy it. I did, however, get elephant book ends for a great price of 1,000 Kenyan shillings and an ink pen! But, at least we were well liked because we went the day after Obama was elected as the next president (woohoo!!!!!!). Oh did I mention that Kenya actually had a national holiday the day after the election, called "Obama Day". It was awesome! Sorry all you republicans but it is about damn time Bush gets his ass outta the white house.

On the way home not only was the road bumpy and I couldnt sleep, but the bus got a flat tire at around 3am. Then, after dropping Amy off in Eldoret, the bus broke down numerous times. I think we are lucky we made it to Mbale.

I'll post as many pics as my internet will allow. When I get home i'll post all of them on snapfish or something of that nature.















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Well I was loving the pictures until the last one! I'm glad you finally got to go on your safari! And I'm glad you're almost outta there and on to Rome!

P.S. - Bush would have gotten "his ass outta the white house" in 2 months regardless of who had gotten elected...

by lbeaubien

Absolutely gorgeous pictures! I can't wait to see the rest and you as well. I hope you enjoy your remaining days in Uganda as best you can and the fabulous trip that awaits in Italy!

by pebblepro

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